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Junior Kindergarten Update/ Last Day Celebration

Dear Junior Kindergarten Families,

It has come to my attention that my emails, are still not all going through and, have not been going through for the past few weeks. The email distribution list I have been using all year is no longer sending messages to everyone.

This week

We continue to learn about God’s creatures and sea life. Students will also be able to relax and read books at “the Beach” an area we have set-up under the loft with pool rafts. We are also working on the numbers 8 and 9, as well as the color pink. Our star student this week is Madison and our snack person is Lucas.

****As a fun way to remember our Junior Kindergarten classmate we’ll be decorating t-shirts. For this project have your student bring in one plain white t-shirt that can be decorated with fabric paint. Please bring in your t-shirts by Friday, May 29th 2015.

End of the Year Celebration

Our last day of school is Thursday, June 4th; this will be the day of our celebration and is not a regular day of school. The celebration will start promptly at 10:00 with a little performance by the Junior Kindergarten students. Following the performance we will go out to the playground for a little outside fun! We will return inside to enjoy a pizza party lunch and the viewing of our Junior Kindergarten slideshow. Students will then go home after lunch somewhere between 11:30am and 12:00 pm.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concern. Again, sorry of the glitch with emails the past few weeks.



Katie Griesbaum

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More Exciting News!

Dear Junior Kindergarten Families,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing Easter break filled with lots of family fun! I know the Griesbaum family enjoyed break by relaxing and enjoying the warmer weather here in Michigan. In other news the Griesbaum family is excited to announce that we are expecting a new little family member this fall! :)


This week…

Will begins our creation unit that we will continue to build upon until the end of the school year. We will learn about all the marvelous thing God has created for us to enjoy here on earth.

Letter of the Week: Yy

Theme of the Week: Weather

Sight Word: like

Star Student: Tommy

Snack Person: Will

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Dd is for Dental Health

I hope everyone enjoyed a nice winter break filled with fun family time! I know I did! J Coming up this week we have a few very important events. Tomorrow Monday, February 23rd at 6:30 PM in the Media Center is the Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Information Night, I hope to see you there! This week students will be screened for Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten; current students do not need to sign up for a screening time but screening times will be made with your child’s classroom teacher. I also hope you can all join us this Sunday, March 1st for the St. Regis Open House from 11:00AM-1:00 PM; additionally registration opens for current families!

This week…

We will be learning all about dental health. What are food that are good for our teeth and what food might not be such a good choice. We’ll do a science “Egg-speriement” to see the effects different drinks (water, pop and tea) have on our teeth as well as if our tooth paste can clean up the stains. This week we will also start our celebration of Lent, read bible stories and have our first of many discussions about the Easter Story.

Theme: Dental Health

Letter: Dd

Sight Word: can

Star Student: Evan

Snack/Prayer Person: John

Important Dates:

February 21 – 25 – St. Regis 2015 The Healing Love of God Lenten Series- Location: OLQM Church at 7PM Speaker: Fr. Greg Bramlage

February 23 – Kindergarten/JK Info Night

February 24 -26- Kindergarten Screenings

February 25- PreK- JK Night Creatures Field Trip rescheduled!!

February 26-27- Junior Kindergarten Screenings

March 1 – Open House

March 2 – Raider Track Parent Meeting

March 10 – SAC Meeting


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Exciting News!!!

I am happy to announce that Ms. O’Reilly will be joining the first grade team at St. Regis!  Though she will be missed in JK; we are excited for our first grade neighbors! In other fabulous news Ms. Romish the student teacher who was in Kindergarten this fall will now be a joining our Junior Kindergarten team!! We look forward to everyone meeting her!
We had a lot of fun reading the many different renditions of the “Gingerbread Man”. We talked about how the stories we different from one another as well as story elements that were the same. Your student also enjoyed decorating and writing about gingerbread people, counting gingerbread cookies in ten frames and matching them with the corresponding, practiced positional words. We even got to eat our very own gingerbread cookie! Please see picture attachments.
  IMG_0687           IMG_0691           IMG_0694
We will be learning about God’s wondrous gift of Winter. While we explore and discuss all fun events of winter like snow storms, building a snowman and more! The letter this week is Ww. Please remember to bring in a show share by Friday labeled in a ziplock bag with your student’s name.
  • Teddy Bear Day/ Bear Hunt: We will be learning all about bears next week! Friday, Jan. 23rd will be a bear day; please have your child bring a teddy bear with them to school! At some point during the day we will also go on a bear hunt! :)
  • Conferences: To allow everyone time to plan I wanted to let you know that conferences will be held  Wednesday, Jan. 28th from 8:00 AM-5:30 PM. Report cards will be given out at your conference. Everyone should have received and email to sign up genius to sign up for conferences online.  Here is the link if needed
  • 100th Day of School: We will be celebrating the 100th day of school Wednesday, Feb. 4th. Our celebration party/centers will be from 9:00 AM to 10:20. For the hundredth day of school I am asking that all student dress like they are 100 years old. This is a very fun and exciting day all are welcome to join in the fun!!
  • Valentine’s Day!: We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Friday, Feb. 13th. the celebration will be held from 9:00 AM-10:20 AM. Please feel free to join in the festivities.
Important Dates:
ASAP:  If you have not done so already raffle tickets should be turned in! :)
Monday, Jan. 19th: No School
Friday, Jan. 23rd: Book orders are due
Friday, Jan. 23rd: Permission slip for our Night Creatures At School Field Trip
Friday, Jan. 23rd: Bear Day!/ Bear Hunt
Wednesday, Jan. 28th: Conferences
Monday-Friday, Jan 26th-29th: Catholic Schools Week
Saturday, Jan. 31st: St. Regis’ Annual Auction Gala… hope to see everyone there!
Monday, Feb. 2nd:  Night Creatures At School Field Trip
Tuesday, Feb. 3rd: JK and Kinder Information Night
Wednesday, Feb. 4th: Early Childhood/ Junior Kindergarten 100th Day of School
** JK and Kindergarten screenings will be held the week of February 9th, 2015
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We Celebrate Our Families… Rr is for Relatives!

This Week…

We will talk about our families. We will talk about our different family members and even our extended family (relatives). In religion we will learn that we are all part of on family with God as our Father. For our “family week” I am asking each child brings in a family photo. Please send in family photos by Thursday! :)

Our Letter…

  • Is the letter Rr
  • Please remember to send in a “show and share” item for the letter Rr by Friday. To make sure items are returned please sent in all items labeled with your child’s name.  A Ziploc bags with your child’s name is a great way of labeling. Also, please remember that, items are supposed to fit in the palm of your child’s hand. It becomes kind of difficult to keep large items hidden/a secret.

Snack Person

This week

  • Daniella

Next week

  • Madison


  • Please send in non-perishable foods items for St. Leo’s Food Drive
  • Open House this Sunday from 11:00AM- 1:00 PM; please stop in and see us and bring a friend!


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Ff is for Fight Safety, Firemen and more!

We have had a busy week learning all about fire safety. Our JK students enjoyed doing a fire safety scavenger hunt around the school and even had a visit from the Bloomfield Township Fire Department. During the visit we were able to learn all about what firefighters do and see a fire truck and ambulance up close.

Last week we learned that “God Made My Helpers”. We discussed how God calls each of us to do great things in all sorts of different ways. Through different vocations and our shared faith each of us has something amazing to offer one another. We’ll continue to learn about our community helpers like firemen, dentists, doctors and God’s calling in each of us.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day at Erwin’s Apple Orchard. Please send me an email if you plan on meeting us at the orchard instead of at school. Also please remember to dress for the weather.  At the orchard I’ll have extra markers to label items as well as extra grocery bags to carry our odds and ends. I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

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Ee is for Emotions and Feelings!

This week we are learning about emotions and feeling. The students have listened to scenarios and decided how a person might feel in that situation. We have talked about our own feelings and even made a feeling books.

Our letter this week is the letter Ee. For tomorrow please remember to bring in a small item that begins with the letter Ee to share with our class during “Show and Share”. If you could label the item with your child’s name or place it in a labeled Ziploc this will help to return items to their owner.

In religion we talked about how we are created by God in Christ’s image. We also learner a new version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” God made us just who we are…

In addition, to school information being posted on our classroom blog, I will also text reminders to parents using Remind. If you would like to receive these reminders please text the message @5beae to 248.778.3085. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Next Week!

Theme: Friends

Letter: Bb(Show and Share will be on Thursday because we do not have school on Friday!)

Snack Person: Mitchell

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All About Me!

We have had another fantastic week in Junior Kindergarten learning about each other. This week’s theme is “All About Me!”; we have talked about our names, graphed our name and strengthened our fine motor skills while completing an art activity with our names. We have also learned about our bodies, and personal interests or talents. Your students have enjoyed sharing their all about me pages with their classmates; once everyone has turned in their page we’ll make them all into a class book. This week we have also learned that we were all created in God’s image and likeness.

Next week we will start our first letter of the week; our letter will be Ee for Emotions and Feelings. It will also be the first week where a student brings in snack; please also remember any utensils needed to enjoy the snack. John will be our first snack person he will bring in snack for the entire week, as well as lead prayer each day.

Thank you for all that you do!


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Our First Week of School

We had a great first week of school! This week we worked on getting to know our friends and established our classroom routines. In other exciting news we celebrated four birthdays this week. Special Happy Birthday wishes go out to  Shea, Lucas, Kylie and John. Mrs. Jenning, Mrs. O’Rielly and I  hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day; we’ll see you guys on Tuesday! :)

Throughout the next few weeks we will be talking about our school theme for the year is “We are made in Christ’s image.”  We will be discussing with the Junior Kindergarten students how an “image” is like a picture or reflection in a mirror.  The picture is not the actual person, however, a representation of that person.  We will explain how God made us in HIS image and while we are not God, we are made with God’s love and goodness.  Through our actions and behavior, we are Christ-like.  Since God made us, we are His “work of art” and each one of us are special and unique.  We will use the following poem to remind us of our theme:

His Work of Art
I know that I’m a child of God, my Father lives above.
I know that I’m a child of God, created in His love.
The Father, Son and Spirit hold me within their heart.
God’s Image and God’s Likeness make me His work of Art
(poem was found on the


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Dr. Seuss: Xx for “Fox and Socks” and ” The Lorax”

Hi Families,

I hope everyone had a great first week back and I’ll be back Monday! Please read the following information carefully as we have some special days planned for the week.  If you did not receive your registration packet on Friday, please contact Sue Tesch at as soon as possible. There is a lot of interest in Preschool, Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten and these classes will fill very quickly and it is imperative that you get your registration in as it will be first come first serve!

NATIONAL READING MONTH:  This month will offer many opportunities to bridge school and home.  The purpose is to carry out the St. Regis philosophy and work together for the educational benefit of your child.  Please do as many or as few of the activities as your schedule allows.  More school-to-home activities will be offered throughout the end of the year.

  • Reading Calendar: Your child will home a special reading calendar in his/her folder this Friday. Please initial each day that you read with you child. Students can bring this calendar back at the end of the month for a special prize.
  • Homework Pouches: Your child will bring home their homework pouch for the month this Friday. Please have your student complete 3-4 activities a week and then return the homework pouch with all of its contents to school on Friday, March 28th.

This Week:

  • Themes: Dr. Seuss, “The Lorax”, “Fox and Sock” and many more Dr. Seuss; The start of Lent and National Reading Month
  • Letter: Xx
  • Sight Word: in
  • Star Student: Gabriel

Important days this week:  We will be doing an author study on Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss.  Please be aware of some very special days as we begin “Reading Month”.

  • A “Seuss-tacular” Day: Monday, March 3rd-Please dress up in red and white, stripes or polka dots, or wear a silly hat to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. We will be collaborating with the entire Early Childhood Wing (JK, Kindergarten and 1st Grade) to read Dr. Seuss books, create a craft, make green eggs and ham, and use our iPads to make an Early Childhood version of “Hop On Pop”.  Our “Seuss-tacular” centers will take place from 12:00-1:00.  Feel free to stop by and join in on the fun!
  • “ALL School Mass” Day: Wednesday March 5th- Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and begins our celebration of the Easter season. We will kick of this celebration with an All School Mass. Please feel free join us at the 8:30 am mass.
  • “Freaky Friday” Day: Friday, March 7th- Friday we will celebrate Dr. Seuss’ book, “Wacky Wednesday” we will be doing this celebration on Friday because there is an all school mass on Wednesday.  Once again, we will be dressing up but this time wearing something wacky such as: crazy socks, a funny hat, backwards or inside out shirt, or even a silly hair do!  The kids will listen to the story and look for wacky things around the room.

Other Notes and Reminders:

  • Registration: This is direct from the eNews that went out last Wednesday: Please let Sue Tesch know ASAP if you did not receive your registration materials.
Registration for the 2014-15 School Year
Registration documents will be coming home Friday in a pink envelope with the youngest child in your family.We are continuing our practice of permitting our current school families   to pre-register during the month of March. This allows our current families   to secure a seat for their child(ren) in the next academic year.  Due to the limited availability for Preschool and Junior Kindergarten, children of current families will be accepted to these programs on a first-come-first-served basis during March.Beginning April 1, new families are invited to register for all grades.

We strongly urge you to get your registrations in quickly. We have a particularly high demand for Preschool, JK, Kindergarten and a few other grades.

Please read the registration materials carefully. We have made a few important changes of which you should be aware.


  • Sunday, March 16th-Regis Rally-Join us for an inspirational 5:30 Sunday night Mass followed by a pizza party in the Father Shields Room.
  • Monday, March 17th-St. Patrick’s Day Party-Wear your green!
  • Friday, March 21th-Father’s Day-Preschool will participate in the Father’s Day Program.  This is not a school day, rather, your child will attend the 8:30 Mass with their Father or special person.  We do not meet at school beforehand.  After mass, there will be a special program and then the opportunity for fathers or special persons to visit the classroom and for each child to present them with a special gift. Fathers or special persons will take his child home with him after visiting the classroom, typically around 11:00-11:30.

Thank you so much for all that you do! Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns!


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